Plans For The Summer

After a rather hard midterm today, I though I’d put some of my plans down. 


I was unable to work as much/at all on /TACTIC/ over the winter, but I think I’ve got some time to do some bits and pieces. So here is a list of things I want to do:

  • Do some balancing and testing.
  • Get a few more copies of the game board, cards and stands made. I also want to paint the stands so they don’t look like complete crap
  • Include a private Hyrda Hobbies and Comics exclusive section. 
  • Do MORE testing. Oh my god this game is a messy, unbalanced piece of crap. I want this game to be fun and good for those obsessives that will turn over and break every little aspect of the game.*
  • See if I can arrange with Ach to do a /TACTIC/ day-thing. Or just show up. Whatever works.
  • Work on a super-secret /TACTIC/ related project that I think is going to be suitably decent.
  • Did I mention I wanted to do some more testing?
  • Oh, and get a video explaining how to play the game. 
  • Maybe sleep. At some point. If I get the chance.

*To be clear, I LIKE those types of people. Heck, I’m one of those when it comes to a few things.

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