About The Game Conceptually

First, I would like to discuss a few basic concepts about this game and the factions and units that fight each other. It is important to really “get” some of the additional flavour that I put into the game. Also, it’s pretty damn funny when you look at a faction as a whole.

A faction, to put it at it’s most basic, is a collection of people with a similar quality. Maybe it is their interest, intent or experience that binds them together. The point is that you can call this group of people something. Also, they usually are prevalent and impactful. Trolls are more common on the Internet than people who constantly forget their password. They also have to have something that is unique. Emoes are quite different compared to other non-emoes, while, on the other hand, most of use use a computer or computer like device, so there isn’t going to be a “Computer User Faction”.

The units themselves refer to specific individuals behind a monitor. The traits of that unit reflect the trait of the person themselves. When units attack, they attack the easiest way online: insults/propaganda. Their HP determines their stick-to-it-iveness with regards to defending their clique. For example, the Fairy is a wispy fellow who would rather heal his allies and soothe the burning insults than actually insult people. On that note, if he get’s attacked directly, he will probably run and hide. The Bear, on the other hand, is much more used to this sort of thing, and can take more insults.

So, with that in mind, you can look at some of the “flavour” of the other units. The Spite, for example, gets more vicious the more they are insulted. The Annoyer can counter the opponent’s attacks with his infallible troll-logic. An Armadillo doesn’t care for your petty insults, but can be brought down with a huge earth-shaker or when caught unawares. The Queen makes EVERYONE around her suffer when she is slighted.

The spaces refer to places online where people congregate. They could be forums, imageboards, online games, chat rooms, what have you, the point is that people are usually only at one place at a time. Having range or dash allows people to “move around” the Internet better. An SadoArcher can hurl insults over the ‘net without actually going there, while the Spawn can zip from site to site faster than you can track.

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