This post is a compilation of some of my most recent projects. Each piece demonstrates different skill sets and expertise.

Graphic Cookbook

Graphic Recipes is a cookbook I created that uses easy to understand iconography  instead of lengthy paragraphs.

The goal of the cookbook is to help people with executive function disorders to succeed in cooking.

To achieve this:

  • I designed the recipe methodology and guided the asset design, keeping the design philosophy focused on the goal.
  • I developed the “plate based” method of handling ingredients that allows for easier mise-en-place and prevents some common mistakes.

Read it here

Circle of Life Rules

Circle of Life is an excellent game, developed by Nick Bentley, full of strategic depth and interesting scenarios. It achieves this with as few rules as possible.

When I saw the original rules, I thought that they could be more efficient. With this in mind, I designed a set of graphic rules. This set of rules can be read, and fully understood, in under a minute.

I created all the images and text used in my visual rules, aside from the board layout and the “circle of life” that surrounds the board.

View the rules here

See the original rules here

Moderation Game

Preview it here

Read the rules here

Moderation is a game I developed about, well, moderation. It plays a lot like Hearts, but you can both gain and lose points.

I enjoy games where all decisions are important, and I think that is exemplified in this game. In this game, the number of points you have is important. Having too many or too few can make you loose the game.

I designed the game and wrote the rules. The images on the cards and packaging were created under my supervision and guidance.

Cockatrice Rules

Read it here

Cockatrice is a program that allows you to play card games, mainly Magic the Gathering, online with other people.

I used this as an exercise to practice writing technical manuals and drawing diagrams.

Coffee Warmer Instructions

Read it here

I recently bought a coffee warmer, a small disc that can keep your mugs of coffee or tea warm.

It quickly became clear that the included instructions were not written by a native English speaker. I rewrote the instructions, and included the original for comparison.

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