About Games Of Awe

photo (1)

Ryan Solonynko founded Games of Awe as a game development company dedicated to creating games that fill players with a sense of awe. The goals of this company are to make games that:

  • Challenge the player
  • Are simple to understand, but difficult to master
  • Can be played casually or competitively
  • Have few, if any, luck-based elements
  • Combine different game mechanics to make something unique and interesting

Games like TF2, Pokemon, Magic the Gathering and Battle for Wesnoth have proven to be a huge inspiration for him.

In addition to video games, Ryan has also participated in:

  • competitive archery and bowling
  • SCUBA diving, holding many PADI certifications with 30+ dives in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is also rumored that Ryan can bend the fabric of time and space, but sources are conflicted.

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