Unit List Update

thumb Hey, I have been working on this game, just a bit… on the side… because of school things


One of the most important things is an updated unit list. For those who have tried the version 0.0.1 (mainly you guys at Hydra Hobbies and Comics), there shouldn’t be too many changes. The biggest thing was adding an extra Rare unit to all factions except Noobs. I just felt that maybe I was showing Noobs a bit too much love in terms of units.

The Martyr is an experiment with having variable HP stat. This unit gets bigger the more hurt her allies are. Now, this can get reasonably insane (it can be a 41/41 unit with 8 fully damaged Vamps nearby), but it is also fairly prohibitive. If I poke it for 1 damage, then destroy all allies around her, she goes splat. She’s modelled after those people that will feel pain FOR you, whether you want them to or not.

The Bara is Alpha Strike: The Unit: The Experience: The Movie. First a relatively docile 2/4 unit, it literally EATS other allies to go fast and hit hard. Bonus, it can eat a unit, move, eat another unit, and keep going until it hits something for insane amounts of damage. It will need some tweaking, it might be a smidge too weak right now. For information about this unit, just go do a Google search for “bara” with SafeSearch off.

The Chain is my attempt at making positioning very important. If anyone’s ever played Dota 2, then you already know what this unit does. Reverberate hits one unit, then that unit hits all units around it. Then those units hit all those around them. Then those units hit all units around THEM! It scales very well and can result in a few kills with one attack. It also allows Trolls to benefit from the Push and Swap of their units. Of course, Armour can hinder this ability, negating all damage done to them. They still reverberate, tho.

Also I added a VERY BETA, BARELY TESTED faction in the SJWs. This is a faction based around the social justice warriors on websites like Tumblr and Kotaku. You know the ones, that overreact to every little thing, hate labels yet constantly label themselves, and always have legions of loyal defenders. In game, the SJW (that name is also going to be reconsidered) focus on retaliation. Like the Emoes, they enjoy having the enemy do things to them, but instead of just gaining stuff based on damage, SJWs delight in the deprivation of the enemy. Their mascot unit, the Trigger, is a fairly bulky unit that will literally deprive you of important abilities. Your gotta-go-fast Dash line-up hits her with a dashing unit? Bam, no more fast. Your Archer’s bow flings out of his and his allies hands after striking a trigger unit. Also, this affect persists long after the Trigger dies. As long as a Trigger token in on a unit, all of that’s unit’s abilities are disabled for everyone. King, and Trigger, are exempt. King because that would just be a dick move, and Trigger because infinite loops (like that infamous Humility  + Opalescence MTG combo).

Of course, there are still problems with the old factions. Furries still op. Noob Doctor still useless. Trolls don’t use positioning as much as I would want. etc.

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