Floppy Knights – Plants Vs Goblins

I have been playing a lot of deckbuilding games recently. I 100%’d Slay the Spire, am deep into Ascension, and even had a blast playing Star Realms. I have also loved strategy games like Battle for Wesnoth, Civilization, and more. So Floppy Knights, a deckbuilding/strategy game, really caught my eye, and it looks like a really promising start.

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Circle of Life – A Neat Game

I have recently begun playing games on http://www.boardgamearena.com, which is a great place to play some classic board games online with random people. One of the more recent additions was this game called Circle of Life, made by Nick Bentley. You can check out the website here. I have basically fallen in love with this game, and I always try to tell other people. However, the rules that “fit on a napkin” sometimes prove to be just clunky enough to make people get lost.

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Moderation – A New Twist on an Old Classic

Not sure if it’s apparent, but I like games. I’ve always been into games since I was a wee lad playing Hearts with the family.

Yes, while you were playing your poketmans and your Mr Mario Brothers games, I was playing Hearts at a table with real cards. Only real gamers will understand. Of course, everything can be improved, even 300 year old card games played by old people and nerds.

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