Floppy Knights – Plants Vs Goblins

I have been playing a lot of deckbuilding games recently. I 100%’d Slay the Spire, am deep into Ascension, and even had a blast playing Star Realms. I have also loved strategy games like Battle for Wesnoth, Civilization, and more. So Floppy Knights, a deckbuilding/strategy game, really caught my eye, and it looks like a really promising start.

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Poker Quest RPG

I like roguelikes, I like deckbuilding games, and I even like Poker. That’s why Poker Quest RPG, a deckbuilding roguelike Poker game, really caught my eye. It’s available on Playsaurus, and hopefully Steam, and I can see it becoming a truly great game.

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RRRR That’s 5 R’s – An Ode to Genius

This is the game companion to Wargames.

This is the game companion to the Wargames movie.









There are some game websites that have become famous for their wide array of games. Some, like newgrounds.com, are spawning pools of creative content. Some, like kongregate.com, allow content creators new avenues of community involvement. But, there are others like rrrrthats5rs.com that do none of these things.

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