E3 Preview


As always this time of year, E3 is fast approaching, which, to the un-initiated, is like a big hype convention. Except this year there is hype for E3. Hype of the aspect of hype. Joy.

If you are unsure about my tone, know that I am very cynical when it comes to future games, especially from big name companies. It will either come out late, not at all, or be less than what you want it to be. One recent game comes to mind: Fuse.

Fuse was a game being developed by Insomniac Games that had a charming, almost self aware, style and humour. This was back when it was called Overstrike. Back when the art-style was interesting and gameplay looked unique. A 4 player co-op game focusing on close quarters combat and teamwork.

The sound-track to the trailer had an up-beat rock style, and the characters were overflowing in personality. You had a crazy guy who looks like Left 4 Dead’s Louis, a crazy stealth-y assassin who has a powerful handgun, a trenchcoated scientist who fires expanding black goo and a guy with a shield that takes the enemy’s ammo and fires it back at them.

Then EA comes in, changes nearly everything, makes everything this gritty hyper-action hyper-boring third person shooter with co-op elements.

They even replace the awesome song in the trailer to rap.  I mean, how generic can you actually get? And they changed the general art-style to be more reminiscent of those fake energy drinks you find on TV shows.

All I am saying is: don’t get your hopes up.

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