The Xbone … I mean Xbox One

So I was never a big fan of the Xbox. I’m more of a PC gamer myself, but I can see how someone could see the appeal.

Now first thing’s first, always online Kinect. Personally, I don’t see how this is going to go through. I mean seriously, I remember my Grandpa being cautious about getting a normal webcam because he thought other people would be able to turn it on. I guess he was an oracle or something, because that is what the new Kinect purports to do. Oh yeah and DRM. Oh joys of DRM.

As a PC gamer, I am no stranger to DRM. Whether it be DRM-less games that get put up on a torrent website literally seconds after they are released, to games that prevent you from installing it more than three times.

But the Xbone takes the cake.

If you want to play a used game, you have to buy a ticket for it. This then removes it from the original console. So, if I lend you my copy of “Call of Duty 7: Brown ‘n’ Bloom”, you will have to pay to play it, then I will have to pay once I get it back. And, if I want to sell the game, then the buyer will be looking at not only the price of the disk, but the price of the activation.

Oh, and your Xbone has to be connected to the Internet all the time. Or is it once a week? Or just when you start a game?

The point is that the Xbone is looking to be a bad console, but it might raise itself to almost mediocre if Microsoft can backpedal fast enough and remove the downright stupid “features.” Twitch support is cool, but most people can do that with a relatively cheap video capture card.

Also “Call of Dog: Dog Edition” is a thing. I still can’t believe that.

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