So I sent in the second playtest with a bunch of changes:

  • Unit Tokens now sit on Unit Stands

  • Unit Cards are now linked to specific units on the board with Unit Number Tokens

  • The Emose are added!

  • I added a bunch of units, and fixed some of the other units.

  • You now “buy” units at the start with BitCoins. Right now there is no use for them after deployment, but I think a Nigerian Prince faction that uses unspent money would be cool.

  • There are “rare” units that cost 2 instead of 1, but more than make up for it.

  • I redid the cards so they look better.

Unfortunately, it seems as though my other group members are not very enthused with the project.

Fortunately for me, that means I have total creative control over the project and can have total control when the semester is over.


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