Gitting Gud – A Personal Journey in SFV – Episode Zero

Street Fighter V box artwork.pngI recently purchased Street Fighter V, the first “real” fighting game I have played, and I have decided to git gud, as the saying goes.

As I do that, I will chronicle my efforts and describe how I train, learn and develop my skills. This series will show my advancement from a criminally incompetent scrub to – hopefully – barely competent scrub.

This is episode zero, what I have before I actually start.

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XCOM 2 – The Ayyyys Have It

So, XCOM 2 just came out this Friday, and I decided to take a look. I had played previous XCOM games, and found them to be fairy enjoyable. Let’s see if the folks at Firaxis have improved on the formula that made the previous game such a hit.XCOM_2_cover_art

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RRRR That’s 5 R’s – An Ode to Genius

This is the game companion to Wargames.

This is the game companion to the Wargames movie.









There are some game websites that have become famous for their wide array of games. Some, like, are spawning pools of creative content. Some, like, allow content creators new avenues of community involvement. But, there are others like that do none of these things.

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