Why Pokemon is a Good Game

Pokemon is an interesting game. It is one of the few JRPGs with actual pvp content, and the single player is remarkably “fair” in the sense that whatever the opponent uses, you can use as well.

It is one of Nintendo’s most popular series, and while series like Yo-Kai are trying to muscle in, they all fall flat.

Some people will attribute this to a certain inertia in the fans, the same force that keeps WoW in business after all these years. But I actually think there are some rather intelligent base decisions that affect its success in this regard.

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Why Cthulhu (done right) is The Best Horror

Horror is an interesting subject, and one that pops up in many games. In many ways, games are the perfect medium to portray true horror. You never get that sense of investment that you get with a book or movie that you get with a game. But what is the best way to truly freak someone out?

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