Buttered Inclines

Buttery InclineUnstable Equilibrium or The Winning Win and the Losing Lose

In games, especially multi-player games, when you are winning you have the advantage. Maybe you have more gold, units, health, whatever, and you are ahead of the opposition, thus you have an easier time staying ahead.

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On Losing

LOSEWinning is a good thing, right? You don’t play Chess to lose, so you try to win.

But, your opponent usually has plans of conquest similar to yours, so they might have the gall to try to win. And, horror of horrors, they might actually start winning. How can you possibly stand up to an opponent that is currently winning?

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A Ziggurat Review

Let’s play a game … I’m going to describe a game, and you try to say what I’m thinking of. Ready?

A procedurally generated action game with RPG elements that takes place in rooms full of monster and the only way to advance is killing the monsters, but life is precious so you must take care that you dodge and weave all the monsters while shooting them at range. Also, you get randomly generated rewards after defeating bosses, randomly found in rooms, or after paying a price of some sort.

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