RRRR That’s 5 R’s – An Ode to Genius

This is the game companion to Wargames.

This is the game companion to the Wargames movie.









There are some game websites that have become famous for their wide array of games. Some, like newgrounds.com, are spawning pools of creative content. Some, like kongregate.com, allow content creators new avenues of community involvement. But, there are others like rrrrthats5rs.com that do none of these things.

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Difficulty is Hard – Part Two

SELECT-DIFFICULTY2In Part-One, I discussed the three types of difficulty found in games. This post picks up where we left off and dives deeper into artificial difficulty.

One common element in the preceding three types of difficulty is the concept of player agency. In every single one, the player is free to “choose” the path they want to take (ok, the execution is a bit different, but it is still up to the player to win).

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