Deep Space Waifu – Simple Shmup Serving Sexy Stills

As a dedicated reader, you probably know I am somewhat passionate about smutty games. For the most part, the thing that gets me off isn’t the sexy images on the screen, but a clever combination of sexiness and gameplay. Deep Space Waifu delivers on some of those points, but fails in others.

The best sexy games have gameplay that enhances, and is enhanced by, the sexy part of the game. For example, Dragon Bride is a game wherein the goal is to defeat/fuck women in a medieval swords-n-sorcery world. Not only is the fucking a reward for doing well in the game, but the fucking itself can help you progress. Nothing is more annoying than the slew of games where losing is the only way of getting sexy rewards. I’m looking at you, Kurovadis and Eroico. You can read more about my views on this trend here.

Luckily, DSW seems to avoid that particular pitfall. In fact, the whole “game” aspect of this sexy game is pretty damn good.

As mentioned in the title, DSW is a rather simple shoot-em-up game, and it may be not very exciting for veteran fans of the genre. But, as I only rarely play these games, it held my attention for a good while.

The “plot” of the game, if you can call it that, is that you are using Space Tinder and getting dates with gigantic women. In these dates, you have to shoot the clothes off them while being accosted by a fleet of aliens bent on the destruction of your spacebike.

The visuals are actually really good. It’s got this whole pixelly/retro aesthetic, with a good visual divide between the girls and the enemies. The enemies are blocky and grey, while the girls are bright, colourful with smooth lines. The bullets, yours and the enemies, are bright and flashy, which can be a bit of a detriment in a heated battle.

What is really interesting is how the game mixes its gameplay with the promised sexy pictures. The aim of each level is to survive the mooks and defeat the boss at the end. However, you also have a secondary goal of stripping the gigantic girls in the background. You start by shooting their stockings, then shoot their shirts, then undewere etc. until they are fully nude. This is fairly easy, as you’re going to be shooting most of the time. With the earlier girls, this often happened as a side-effect of you just trying to stay alive, but it actually gets a bit harder as the levels go on.

The clothing mechanic puts two interesting spins on the game. One, you almost always have somewhere you want to be. Most shmups tend to favour a very timid approach, staying safe in the corners, while this one demands you show some skin to strip the girl. Secondly, there is a mode called “Gentleman’s Mode” which flips the objective. Instead of trying to shoot the girl’s clothes, you are trying NOT to shoot the girls clothes. As soon as you destroy a single garment, the date ends.

In every shmup I’ve played, there has literally never been a reason to ever stop shooting. But, in both the normal mode and the Gentleman’s mode, you have reasons to hold your fire. You see, in the normal games, stripping the girls is technically a secondary objective, as the level ends when you kill the boss. It doesn’t matter if there was a single thread on the pair of panties, you’ve “won” the level as soon as the boss goes down. Often, I would find myself dodging the boss, waiting for the camera to pan back to the clothing I missed before trying to end the level.

So, I will give the game props in successfully being able to put a twist on the smhup genre, and by organically integrating smut into the game experience. But, I feel a lot of opportunities were missed in some of the finer details.

There are plenty of non-clothing things you can shoot, and a few of them have gameplay effects. With all girls, you can shoot their hair, which animates it a bit. Some have other destructible spots that can do some things. On girl has a thing you can shoot for a one-time-only screen wipe, while a few others trigger a slightly humorous line. There could’ve been a lot more done with this idea, like a puzzle girl where, if you shot the things in the wrong order, her whole outfit would lock up.

As for the smut itself, there are 13 girls to unlock and strip, and that’s about it for smut content. You get 13 still images of naked anime babes, and that’s about it. Personally, I would’ve loved to have some more things you could do with the girl in the game itself. Maybe shooting her nipples/clitoris would excite her and do… something. An animation, bonus images, even shooting the enemies with her own lasers.

As a whole, for a 2 dollar game, it is pretty good. For a 2 dollar piece of erotic software, it is a bit lacking. If you are into shmups you may want to give it a quick go. Think of it more as a neat shmup with an interesting twist, with some bonus smut. All-in-all, it is much better than most of the big budget sexy games I’ve seen lately.


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