Spells and Events Part 3: What is too powerful?

Hello and welcome to the third and final part of the preview of the Hidden Information expansion!

Last time, we looked into what would appear in a card, and what some examples of possible cards would be. Today I’m going to show what the upper limit of a card is going to be, and why it is too strong. Make sure to comment your ideas and questions here on the blog, or tweet me @GamesOfAwe. Most of these are affects that may be present in other factions, but would be too powerful in the wrong hands.¬†In this blog post, I will also providing a sneak peek at another card for each of the factions, although somewhat more indirectly.



There are a few things that would make the Trolls too strong, and the main one would be healing. With them already having two great healing units, the Healer and Ogre, as well as the Annoyer for damage reduction, being able to increase their longevity would be too extreme. However, for a frailer faction, like the Noobs, a mass healing spell would be effective without being too powerful. Their toughest unit only has 4 health, so even a mass full-heal is not out of the question.


Speaking of Noobs, what is too good with them? They specialize in strength and speed, but are ridiculously frail. Their biggest Achilles’ Heel is being killed before they can do damage. Not only that, but some units thrive on dying spectacular deaths. Any sort of revival spell would be too broken, especially if you could combo that with a Flamer or Multi-bomber to turn a 2-for-1 into a 4-for-2. However, revival fits both thematically and mechanically with the Emoes. They don’t have any units the benefit from death, and it can come with a price, like most other Emo abilities.


As said with the Trolls, healing is a particularly problematic mechanic to balance, especially with a bulky faction. The only thing that would be worse than healing would be straight up damage transference. Yes, yes, the Emoes already have a unit that can transfer damage, but giving that ability to other units allows for too much control over a unit’s health. An Emo player would be able to manipulate their unit’s health to suit their needs. However, the Warriors can handle that power. Not only are they not as bulky as the Emoes, but they can actually be hindered by damaging the enemy, as one unit only affects undamaged units. Also, the Warrior’s damage output is low enough that it would warrant some sort of damage increasing card.



The Warriors may be a fairly weak faction, and allowing the transference of damage is thematic and useful, but, one thing the Warriors cannot handle is handle is added range. They are mennat to be huddled together, weathering the storm of the privileged, and giving them a chance to poke from afar would allow more turtling than a tortoise convention held in France by the Swedes. The Furries, on the other hand, can be great users of a range bonus spell, especially if it is balanced to prevent the affected unit from un-caching during your next turn.


The Furries are a faction of focus fire, so there are quite a few spells that would be too powerful, and that one is offensive abilities. Any sort of offensive spell would allow the Furries to be able to split their focus and attack on more fronts, kind of like a more successful Germany. This would let them patch up their weakness of being outflanked and overrun by being able to spread themselves more than usual. The Trolls, on the other hand, could use a spell that doubled their AT for a turn. A pitiful amount doubled is still pretty small, but it may be useful for a sudden reversal of fourtune, or a 3 point healing to a target thanks to a Healer.


So there you have it, a little bit of what to expect in the next coming weeks. I’ll still be posting sporadic updates, but this is pretty much the extent to the public information. If you want to be a part of the closed Beta, just send me an email and I’ll consider it. No promises.


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