Spells and Events Part 2: The first spells

In this post, I will be going over some of the initial spell designs and some of the specific wording that is going to be used.

In the previous blog post, I basically talked about the general strengths and weaknesses of the factions. Now is time for some of the first spell cards for each faction, along with some of the reasoning behind the effects.


As I said int he previous post, Noobs are all about speed and power. Killing things is great, and dash and armor are great for that. This is why the first spell for the noobs will be “Until the start of your turn, your King get’s Dash 2 and Armor 3.” This allows you to turn your King into a raging ball of fury driving at the opponent’s heart. The Dash 2 allows him to reach nearly any un-protected area on the map and hit for a massive three damage. The Armor three is for two reasons, so you can use it and live to tell about it, and it allows units with range to dissuade a King rush.


When a troll wants you to do something, you will do it lest you be annoyed to death. This translates into a lot of pushing and shoving, so that’s why the first Troll spells will be “Move the two enemy units closest to your King in any direction you choose, as long as the destination is empty.” This allows for great control of the battlefield and can set up a clean Chain combo or provide a path for your Scout. Having it only affect the closes units forces you to choose when you use this spell very carefully.


The Emoes are all about pain and death and pain and misery and pain and something about pain. They love dishing out pain, but more importantly, they love wallowing in pain. That’s why the first spell for the Emoes will be “Until the end of your next tun, no unit may die. Units can die when this effect wears off. ” This allows for some wicked sick Spiteful or Queen comboes, and can be used to save your King is a quick pinch. Be careful, as this also affects enemy units as well, which is reflective of the double edged nature of many Emo abilities.


The Furries’ speciality is singling out a target and killing it dead. Not just dead, but deader than dead. Cadaveriffic, if you will.  Thats why the Furries spell will be “Until the end of your turn, target creature an opponent controls get’s “Whenever a unit attacks this unit, uncache it. It cannot attack this turn.”” This allows a hit-and-run tactic, while allowing activated abilities like the Fairy or Dragon to be used. Also, it pretty much ensures a specific unit will die a painful and horrible death, while you are not forced to make any unwanted trades.


The Warriors hate you doing things. They hate it so much that you are compelled to not do things. Their whole schtick is not allowing you to do many things. That’s why their spell is “Until the start of you next turn, target unit gets “No adjacent enemy unit can un-cache.”” This allows for all sorts of shenanigans with regards to stopping an assault in it’s tracks. It can help defend, or it can be used to paralyze the opposition in preparation for a full frontal assault. Be careful, as it is temporary, and only provides a turn’s relief. Oh, and the enemy likely has other units in play, so there’s always that.

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