Spells and Events: Part 1 – The State of the Metagame

Hello and welcome to the first installment of the series that describes what is happening with the new Hidden Information expansion pack thing. This installment will focus on what is already in the game, how the factions compare to each other, and what each faction can do.

Factions Overview

There are five factions right now, each with different abilities and powers: the quick Noobs, the versatile Furries, the steadfast Trolls, the wily Warriors and the self mutilating Emoes. I will be showing a quick overview of each faction, including it’s strengths and weaknesses.



The Furries are the most versatile faction, with a plethora of combat utility and excellent stat average. The Furries are the only faction with a ranged unit that can attack over other units, as well as the only faction with a unit that can attack diagonally. Their only weakness is their poor reach, they only have a Dash 1 unit and a Range 1 unit. Although, they do have the Bara, which can gain unprecedented levels of speed by sacrificing units. Over all, they use moderate bulk coupled with decent attack, and the ability to focus fire on a single unit, to defeat their opposition. Their spells will likely do with either buffing attack or granting temporary armor, they will not have spells that directly affect enemy units.


The Noobs are the highest damaging faction in the game, and they have the stats to back it up. The Noobs have the highest average attack, with the lowest average health. Not only that, they have three units with Dash, one of which can even be used to tactically insert another unit. Not only that, but their two Bomber units can blow themselves up for massive damage, and the Hydra unit can attack multiple units simultaneously. In fact, the Noobs are the best at damaging the opponents: they are the fastest, most damaging, and they have the most options for attacking more than one unit at a time. Even their King has three attack! Their spells will likely do with buffing the King, dealing damage to specific units and sacrificing units. The Noobs will likely not have any spells that try to keep units alive, through either stats, healing or armor.


The saddest faction, the Emoes are very tricky to play. Unlike other units, the Emo units often get stronger when damaged, something that experts will take advantage of by attacking their own units. By default, the Emoes do not have many spectacular stats, but thanks to the Spiteful and Martyr, they can have units with the highest Attack in the entire game! They also have many unique abilities, like buffing, area of effect damage, and they can shut down all other healing affects. Unfortunately, it is a very fine balance between being damaged but powerful, and being dead. The Emoes also have the distinction of being the only faction with units that cannot be damaged by allies. Their spells will likely deal with moving damage, buffing units, and temporarily preventing death. They will likely not have any spells that allow them to have further range on the battlefield.


The toughest, sturdiest most not-gonna-die-iest faction in the game, Trolls are masters of annoyance. They have the most health of any faction, and have the most healing abilities. Also, they are adept at moving the enemies to their whim, and have the unique ability to cause mass amounts of damage with Chain and their Scout. However, they do have the lowest average attack of the game, and can sometimes have a problem going on the offensive. Not to mention the absolute affront to all aggression that is a Troll v Troll match. Their spells will likely deal with healing units, moving units and granting bonus health. Damage will probably not be in the Trolls future, just like Armor or any other sort of protection.


Truth, justice, and to protect the fair virtues of thy holy maidens, the Warriors do not like you doing things. They are the most contextually based faction, with more things changing based on the events of the battle. They also are the only ones to deal with abilities, and they have the only detrimental ability. While not as tough as the Trolls, they can prove just as annoying with their ability to negate abilities. They are also the only faction that has stuff happen with their units during their opponent’s turn, with Barbs, Taunt and Pity all activating on the opponents turn. Their spells will likely deal with debuffing enemies, healing and doing things during the opponent’s turn. Damage and attack buffing is not likely to happen for the Warriors.


There you have it, a quick little summary of the factions as they are today. Next time I will go over the short list of spell ideas that are going to each faction, and how they are going to fit into gameplay.

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