35 Subscriber Extrrrrrravaganza!





In commemoration of my 35th subscriber on my Tabletop Simulator mod, I’m going to detail my new expansion pack, and will be launching a series going into my creative process.

The expansion in question will be one that most of my playtesters have been clamouring for: the Hidden Information Expansion(name pending)! In this expansion, I will be introducing the concept of being able to hide some of your powers and abilities from the opposing player. This will solve a number of problems, one of which being the deterministic nature of the game. As of now, you could predict 80% of the games simply by looking at the first few turns.

This expansion pack will bring to /TACTIC/ the concept of spell/action cards. These cards would be kept in your hand, hidden from other players. You would choose two from a pool of five belonging to each faction. These spell/action cards would exist to further emphasize the flavour of the factions and units, while providing immense depth and skill to this game.

These spell/action cards could only be played on your turn, and they all centre around your King. One may say “Remove 3 damage from all units adjacent to your King.” or “Your King deals 2 damage to target non-King unit.” This is important for abilities like Armor, as well as making sure your King is actually in the battle.

I hope to be rolling this out to the Alpha version this month, with it coming to the Public Beta sometime in November. During development I will be providing updates on the progress every other day, so watch out for them.

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