Coming to a Tabletop Simulator Near You!








So, Tabletop Simulator is a thing, and I plan on utilizing that thing to help beta test/advertise my game.

There will be a few differences between the physical game and the digital version. First, there will be no unit cards nor any unit stands. Those things were designed to compensate for a physical limitation. There was no way of conveying how much damage a unit has, but with TTS, I can place labels on the unit tokens. These labels can hold information like damage and abilities.

Second, there is going to be no (at least for now) tournament mode. In my envisioned tournament mode, players bring a set of units with them as a sort of deck. You’ll only be able to place units that you have brought to the games, so that would add a whole other level of strategic depth to the game. There is no way, that I know of, to allow for something like that to happen while enforcing secrecy and constancy. Either you make your decks public, and prevent change, or you keep them private while unfortunately allowing change. Who’s to say that I didn’t include a certain unit if I keep my deck all to myself?

There will be two versions of the game, an Alpha and a Beta, on the Steam Workshop. The Beta will be public for people to play and will help me test balance and any new units I make. The Alpha version will be private and will be for me to personally test some more radical changes. For example, changes on base mechanics or how the game is presented. The Alpha will also be used to test changes to the Beta before live release. I will invite people to my Alpha test based on some tournaments held later.

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