Ordered a Physical Game







I just recently ordered actual, physical, real copies of the game from The Game Crafter.

Now, I won’t mention how much each one costs (hint: It’s too much), but this was recommended by one of my professors, so I know that it will be of the highest quality. However, it will take a while to get here, so I am going to be looking into a local supplier. But, this is still so exciting! I’ve got a redesigned board, cards and box, and it looks so much better than my first version. The only things that are not being printed by The Game Crafter are the cards and instructions, ¬†as I can print them at home. Also, the token stands are going to be locally sourced, and I have to make sure they fit the new tokens.

I ordered three copies of the game, enough for me to give a pair to Hydra Hobbies & Comics and one for testing here at Algonquin. I’ll upload pictures of the new copies as soon as they get here. The game is slated to arrive at around the 25th of July, so it should be soon-ish.

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