The PS4

So the PS4. Yeah. It’s a thing.

So here is a transcript of Sony minutes after Microsoft’s presentation:

“Gentlemen, we have our presentation already written for us.”

And yes they did. All they had to do was say that they are not MIcrosoft, you can play used games and you can turn the console off. And they did say that. And it was ok.

Unfortunately, I’m not feeling the love for the PS4 that everyone else is seeming to have. You get a console with a touchscreen on the controller and a dedicated share button.

The first one gives me flashbacks of using a laptop without a proper mouse and the second makes me go “why?”

I mean, seriously, why do you have to waste valuable controller space for a mostly-useless (gameplay-wise) button? You could put a rhombus button or a dedicated quick-save. The motion-controls are ok. They’re not great, but they don’t offend me. Sure, Lair had terrible controls, but luckily no games really used it that much.

Oh, and The Last of Us looks really bland. I mean, come on, The Walking Dead already came out! You don’t have to make another an action-oriented version.

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