examsThis is it. The final countdown.

Well, there will be more, but this is it for the short term!

I’ve got a programming final, graphic design final, science exam, math exam, and prototype assembly all this week, so I hope everything goes well.

Knowing my luck, I’ll get a deadly flu or snap my ankle minutes before I am ready to submit anything. That being said, I am so stoked to be done my first year at the ‘Gonq.

It has been so fun and informational over the past few months. I can actually program! And my programs can do things!

Hydra Hobbies and Comics

Hydra Hobbies and Comics

Also, I am going up to Petawawa to my old buddy Ach’s store, Hydra Hobbies and Comics, to show them the fruits of my labour.

I am going to participate in the Dragon’s Maze Magic Pre-release, so a bunch of people ought to be there.


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