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I have included a list of unit tweaks that I think are good for balancing the factions.

Right now, the biggest is reducing the Badger from a 3/3 to a 2/3.

I still feel like the Furries are a bit powerful for my tastes. I am toying with an idea like Armor but reversed (defends against units not in Combat Range) as anti-furry tech. The problem is they can essentially get a rather risk free kill every turn.

The only unit that can survive the power trio of Bear, Badger and Eagle is the Troll Grunt, and he can’t really hit back for much on his own. No other unit can withstand that type of assault. Thick Skins can survive if they are at 1 HP and the Eagle is disposed of. One quick fix is to allow the Troll Thief to attack after switching, but I’m not sure.

In depth:

  • Shaman now heals for a default 2 a turn
  • Badger nerfed
  • Fairy changed from a ranged healer to a ranged unit with an ability similar to Dragonkin’s, but that heals.
  • The Troll Scout is changed so it is a high damaging unit if it stands still, but get -1 AT whenver it moves.
  • Puppeteer > Betrayer
  • Vamp’s Drain is changed from a passive heal to the ability to move a counter onto an enemy, in addition to it’s normal attack.

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