©2013 GamesOfAwe

©2013 GamesOfAwe

I was looking at the rather huge list of generic western fantasy games and thought to myself,

“Gee, the genre sure is drenched. Would my game stand out at all?”

That’s when I also thought,

“Man, someone should make a board game about the Internet. Not one of those LEL MAYMAY XD Reddit Drinking Games, but something that is actually good. With subtle or multilayer references to generic Internet culture.”

So I decided to re-theme my game to an Internet setting.

Here are some of the changes:

  • Orcs -> Trolls (Trolls, while not necessarily damaging, are very resilient and NEVER go away)

  • Lizards -> Noobs (They often leave quickly, but they can do a lot of damage even if they don’t try)

  • Humans -> Furries (Really generic, you have tough resilient furries and really annoying/damaging furries. They are the perfect “average” faction of the internet.)

The Trolls 2013 ©GamesOfAwe

The Trolls 2013 ©GamesOfAwe

FURRIES ©2013 GamesOfAwe

FURRIES ©2013 GamesOfAwe

NOOBS ©2013 GamesOfAwe

NOOBS ©2013 GamesOfAwe

I’m also throwing around a few ideas for a fourth faction. I really want a faction that works off of it’s weaknesses.

One idea I had was an MLP Faction that grew stronger when clumped together (which in and of itself is a bad idea).

Also, our first blind playtest in Game Design is next week, so I will look at their feedback.


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