I’ve decided that I need a third faction, as matchups were getting stale.

Since I already have the slow and the versatile faction, it only makes sense that I make a fast faction. So, without further ado, here are the Lizard Wizards!

I have decided to make this game modular, so I can expand it with future updates.

Whether it be new factions or new units or errata to fix broken units, this game should be able to be updated.

That is why I am using what I have here as a template so all future factions will have: a grunt/tank unit, a scout, an archer, a healer and a unit with a unique ability.

For the Humans, it’s Fence, the Orcs have Swap and the Lizards have Sacrifice.

The unique ability is meant to encompass the faction as a whole and provide flavour.

Lizard Wizards


Lizard Scout

HP: 1

At: 3

Dash 2, can move 2 extra spaces

Lizard Archer:

HP: 2

AT: 3

Range 1, can attack from 1 extra square away. However, this unit can’t shoot over units.

Truant, this unit cannot move and attack in the same turn.


HP: 4

At: 2

Double Strike, this unit can simultaneously attack 2 different units.


HP: 1

AT: 3

Heal -1, when this unit attacks an ally, it heals damage equal to Shaman’s AT – 1 (2 by default).


HP: 3

At: 1

Sacrifice this unit (instead of attacking) to deal 5 damage to any adjacent unit.


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