This is the system we used.

This is the system we used.

We have started making games for our Game Design course, and we are going to do a few practice games before our real thing.

I was able to make a quick little “everybody loses” game that represents what Communists think capitalism means.

You have your 4 players and the government, represented by black, all try to get to the end of a track.

They start in the middle and you can move whoever you roll. So:

  • If you are red, and you roll blue, you can move blue backwards.
  • If you roll black, you can move the government backwards.
  • If you roll your own colour, you can move forward.

The game ends if one colour reaches the front. If it is a player they win, if it is the government, everybody loses.

In our testing, no one ever made it to the front, every game ended with the government winning.


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