Magic The Gathering

Magic The Gathering

I am sick and tired of Magic.

I was playing at FNM with a pretty decent deck for the meta (a GB Morbid deck that runs cards like Duress, Skirsdag High Priest, Blood Artist and Abrupt Decay) but I just could not get the right cards.


A bunch of things were frustrating me:

  • just not getting that turn 1 Duress (and I have 4 of those things) or topdecking it when I need any of my other 12 or so mass kill spells,
  • or I have a bunch of Skirsdag High Priests, but only 2 creatures,
  • or I have a bunch of creatures, but no ways of killing enemy creatures.

That, and I did not see a single deck one night that wasn’t at least 40% blue.

I think I’m gonna take a break from Magic, at least until RTR rotates. M14 might be good though.

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