Dragon Quest Wars

So I recently purchased one of those eShop points card thingies to get Pokemon Dream Radar and tried out a few other games with the remaining funds.

Being a huge Cavestory fan I picked it up, but was rather disappointed at how it played.

My hands are not built for that sort of platforming on the 3DS.

What DID get my attention, however, was a little title called Dragon Quest Wars. I like dragons, questing and wars, so it should be the perfect game!

I bought and downloaded it, eager to see what it was about.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was not a game that required much running or jumping, in fact, it was a strategy game.

You use a team of four monsters from a pool of six with a different role and attributes.

The tutorial went rather quickly, the game itself being pretty simple, and I was excited to try playing “for realsies.”

Unfortunately, this is a game meant to be played against other people.

And, sadly, with few people I know owning a 3DS, and fewer willing to pay money for such a small game, I went without.


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